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Green arrow


Heir to the Queen family fortune and business empire, Oliver Queen was initially more interested in thrill-seeking political activism, which led to him being attacked while on his yacht and thrown overboard by smugglers. He managed to make it to a deserted tropical island, where he was forced to develop survival skills, including cultivating his knack for archery. When he discovered the smugglers were using the island for a base, Queen used his makeshift bow and arrows to defeat them and return to the outside world.

Inspired by his experience, he adopted the costume and name of Green Arrow and became a crime fighter, investing his considerable wealth into an arsenal of trick arrows as well as resources like the “Arrowcar” and “Arrowplane.” He took on the orphaned Roy Harper as his ward and trained him as his sidekick, Speedy. Green Arrow was one of the first members invited to join the newly formed Justice League of America and served as a regular member of the team. There he met Black Canary (Dinah L. Lance) and the two of them began a long-standing romantic relationship.

Eventually, Oliver Queen lost his fortune due to his relative naiveté with business affairs and his focus on his crime-fighting alter ego. His leftist politics increasingly came to the fore, particularly while working with friend and fellow hero Hal Jordan (Green Lantern). Queen was also confronted with some harsh realities when he learned his former ward, Roy Harper, was a heroin addict.

After a time working as a liberal newspaper columnist and a failed mayoral run in Star City, Green Arrow moved to Seattle with Black Canary. He abandoned his trick arrows in favor of traditional broadhead arrows and even used deadly force against criminals on occasion. Life away from Star City and Green Arrow’s new crime-fighting persona put a severe strain on Oliver and Dinah’s relationship, and they eventually separated.

After infiltrating an eco-terrorist group known as the Eden Corps, Green Arrow sacrificed his life to prevent them from setting off a bomb to destroy Metropolis. A notorious ladies’ man, Oliver has fathered two known children, his son Robert (with the assassin Shado) and Connor Hawke, who took on the mantle of Green Arrow for a time. Hal Jordan, possessed by Parallax, later resurrected Oliver as part of a misguided effort to “fix” prior mistakes. Initially suffering from partial amnesia, Oliver returned to his old haunts in Star City. He adopted a new ward, Mia Dearden, who later took on the mantle of Speedy. He regained a considerable personal fortune, and even succeeded in becoming mayor of Star City for a time. He also reunited with and eventually married Black Canary, but the two have since separated again.

Green Arrow

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