King of the Seas




The King of the Seven Seas came from seemingly humble beginnings.

The son of Queen Atlanna and the demigod spirit of Atlan, Orin was rejected by his own people, the Atlanteans, who feared that his blond hair and ability to communicate with sea creatures marked him with the curse of Kordax, an ancient Atlantean monster.

Orin was abandoned, left to do die on Mercy Reef, until a dolphin named Porm saved him. Orin lived as a feral child with his dolphin family until the day he was found by Arthur Curry, a lighthouse keeper. Arthur took the boy into his home and taught him to speak. Orin took his adoptive father’s name, Arthur Curry, and traveled north. He fell in love with an Inuit woman, Kako. Unknown to Arthur, he fathered a child with Kako, but he was kidnapped by Atlantean soldiers before the baby was born.

In the lost city of Poseidonis, part of the sunken continent of Atlantis, Arthur learned his mother was of royal blood and befriended Vulko, a fellow prisoner who helped him escape captivity. Upon reaching the surface, he stumbled upon the Flash (Barry Allen) battling the Prankster. Impressed by Arthur’s power, the Flash invited him to come to the United States.

Taking the name Aquaman, Arthur Curry used his powers as protector of the Seven Seas and friend to the surface world. He helped found the Justice League of America, and his adventures made him among the most famous heroes in the world.

Now confident in his identity and abilities, Aquaman reclaimed the throne of Atlantis. With Vulko as his regent, the kingdom flourished. He found a kindred spirit and apprentice in Garth, an Atlantean sent into exile because of superstitions about his purple eyes, who became known as Aqualad and later Tempest. He married Mera, an exiled queen from the otherworldly Xebel, and the couple had a son, Arthur Jr. (nicknamed “Aquababy”).

Aquaman has faced a number of foes, including the Fifth Dimensional imp Qwsp, the Fisherman, and the Scavenger, but his most infamous enemies are Ocean Master and Black Manta. Ocean Master is Aquaman’s half-brother, Orm, obsessed with gaining control over the oceans and exacting revenge on his older brother. He has used technology and magic to achieve his goals, even willing to sell his own soul. Black Manta is a high-tech modern-day pirate obsessed with power over the sea. He is responsible for the death of Arthur Jr., having placed him in an air-filled tank to suffocate him.

Aquaman’s marine telepathy is more than sufficient to summon a great whale or giant squid, or a large number of lesser sea-creatures to his aid. The GM may want to handle a large school of fish like a single giant-sized creature with a rank or two of Insubstantial to reflect their dispersed mass.

The Sea King has been known to perform various power stunts with his telepathy, particularly affecting the “primordial” level of more evolved brains, like those of humans, with a Perception Ranged Affliction or Damage effect.


Relationships: Aquaman has a wife, Mera, and ties with his former ward, Tempest, and his friends in Atlantis.

Responsibility: As King of Atlantis, Aquaman must often attend to the needs of his people and his duty to the Seven Seas.

Temper: Aquaman is known for his fierce, warrior temper when tested.

Weakness: Aquaman dehydrates when away from water for an extended time, becoming impaired, disabled, and finally incapacitated before his condition becomes dying. Immersion in water immediately removes all accumulated conditions.


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